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girth / обхват, подпруга, размер
имя существительное
girth, compass
girth, cinch, bellyband, surcingle, saddle-girth
size, rate, scale, extent, dimension, girth
подтягивать подпругу
girth, cinch, girth up, cinch up
мерить в обхвате
girth, gird
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, girth
имя существительное
the measurement around the middle of something, especially a person's waist.
Measuring ten metres in girth , weighing 23 tons and knocking on a bit at about 800 years old, the tree is an impressive - if ungainly - sight.
a band attached to a saddle, used to secure it on a horse by being fastened around its belly.
So even if the girth gives, the saddle will stay on the horse's back.
surround; encircle.
the four seas that girth Britain
the four seas that girth Britain
idle men of great girth
She was a somewhat plain woman, her former slenderness surrendering gracefully to the greater girth of middle age and childbearing.
Drew dropped into an en garde stance and beckoned for the other combatant - a big man who was nearly three times Drew's size in height and girth - to come on.
Neck circumference and waist and hip girth were measured using a tape measure.
Tree species, numbers, individual girth or height of trees and plants, their arrangement within the space, and area of the space were all recorded.
His immense height and girth made him seem like a bull, enraged and ready to charge.
the four seas that girth Britain
A limited physical examination was performed in which the height, weight, neck, waist and hip girth , and blood pressure were measured.
Leading him to a tree and commanding him to halt she hefted the saddle on and fastened the girth .