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girlish / девчачий, девический, изнеженный
имя прилагательное
girlish, maiden, maidenly, maidenlike
effeminate, effete, sybaritic, girlish, sissified, ladylike
похожий на девочку
имя прилагательное
of, like, or characteristic of a girl.
girlish giggles
But when I heard his girlish scream echo out across the waves I had a change of heart.
His skin was bluish through the water and from the edges of his bathing cap flowed long girlish hair.
Shortly thereafter, Gwen learns the error of her naïve, girlish , heathen ways.
Each song is wrapped up in girlish emotion that transcends the love and loss theme that every other female artist seems to stumble into.
I look girlish , and I'm elegant, but my character is more like a boy, I think.
Lance and Wayne barged in with obnoxiously loud voices and girlish giggles.
I began walking down the hallway but stopped when I heard two girlish giggles erupt from behind a room.
She has tousled, spiky hair that manages to look girlish .
She giggled in a girlish sort of way completely contradictory to her very womanly body.
When I used to think that I'd keep my young, girlish figure forever, I was really fooling myself.