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girlhood / девичество
имя существительное
girlhood, maidenhood, maidenhead, maidhood
имя существительное
the state or time of being a girl.
they had been friends since girlhood
This is a wonderful book because throughout its chapters it deals with many character traits of a girl and issues that they face transitioning from girlhood into womanhood.
As she walks through different rooms, the film flashes back to her girlhood and adolescence.
But from girlhood onwards, it has always been a prop.
For several years during her girlhood , Bess was a tomboy in a house full of brothers.
they had been friends since girlhood
they had been friends since girlhood
But censorship aside, the film does deal with elements of teenage girlhood that would make family therapists rub their hands together with delight.
With paper, photographs, scissors, glue and ink, she recorded and perhaps resolved her passage from girlhood to womanhood.
Riding ponies and horses around Christchurch and its environs was a wonderful leisure occupation in my girlhood .
As these girlhood dreams raced through my head, Mom would say, ‘You're such a Capricorn.’