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girlfriend / подруга, любимая девушка
имя существительное
girlfriend, friend, helpmate
любимая девушка
имя существительное
a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexual relationship.
his girlfriend is Australian
He says he thinks that he's falling in love with me and he wants me to be his girlfriend .
I love showing my work to my girlfriend and my family and try to get them to walk past the cathedral.
he lives with his girlfriend
He was regarded as being happy in his career and had a steady girlfriend in Britain.
she would rather go to the cinema with a girlfriend
his girlfriend is Australian
Nick also told me Jake had a new girlfriend , whom he met while he was on some trip.
Michael took drugs, but he had a good relationship with his girlfriend at the time.
He could not feel his legs and had to be helped up by his girlfriend and a male friend.
he's talking to his girlfriend