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girl / девушка, девочка, молодая женщина
имя существительное
girl, lady, maiden, lass, maid, puss
girl, girlie, baby, lass, female child, lassie
молодая женщина
girl, quean, wench
maid, handmaid, maidservant, handmaiden, girl, woman
bride, fiancee, fiancée, girl, lady, best girl
имя существительное
a female child.
What then happens to efforts to increase female literacy and encourage girls to go to school?
a young or relatively young woman.
Because the Burman traditionally do not date, it is difficult for young boys and girls to meet.
The queen turned to find a young servant girl with bright red hair and deep blue eyes.
I have a lot of issues about my ex girlfriend and my little girl .
a career girl
teenage girl
In years gone by a young man and a young girl would meet and like what they saw and would start to go out with each other.
I wasn't even a wife, and I certainly wasn't the hip, urban career girl I had been, either.
they have a little girl
According to the police, he had been secretly baptized by a Gentile servant girl years before.
This Dutch peasant girl longed to compete in a skating race, but her family could barely afford food and she only had wooden skates.
his girl eloped with an accountant