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girdle / пояс, кушак, кольцо
имя существительное
belt, zone, girdle, waistband, sash, chord
sash, girdle, cummerbund, zone
ring, annulus, circle, collar, race, girdle
girdle, ring-bark
gird, belt, girdle
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, girdle
имя существительное
a belt or cord worn around the waist.
Such gems could be woven into important clothing, on belts and girdles , mounted as jewellery, or just collected for their own sake.
encircle (the body) with or as a girdle or belt.
the Friar loosened the rope that girdled his waist
cut through the bark all the way around (a tree or branch), typically in order to kill it or to kill a branch to make the tree more fruitful.
If these are not removed they can girdle the tree, cutting into the trunk and eventually killing the tree.
There they had me strip off behind a bush and put on a long line bra and girdle , a dress and wig.
You can only girdle the globe 38 times with that.
His midriff was protected by a drape of chainmail covering a leather girdle and loincloth.
He unlaced her girdle rapidly; all the while his lips took in her face.
The sleeves flared out at her elbows, and the silver girdle accentuated her slender waist; the fabric clung to her slim form.
If you girdle the base of the tree exposing the cambium layer, the tree will die.
The stone is next mounted on a lathe and, using a second diamond, the points of the crystal are ground away to form a round girdle , a process known as bruting.
His long-sleeved, shirt-like garment is held in at the waist by a narrow girdle .
A yard was originally the length of a man's belt or girdle , as it was called.
Think about the abdominal structure as a girdle or wall that supports your internal organs and back.