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gin / джин, козлы, подъемная лебедка
имя существительное
gin, geneva, eyewater
box, trestle, rack, gallows, jack, gin
подъемная лебедка
drawing machine, gin, puffer
ловить в западню
очищать хлопок
имя существительное
a clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries.
Favor clear spirits like vodka and gin over darker-colored alcohols like whiskey, brandy or red wine.
a two-handed form of the card game rummy in which players are dealt ten cards each and attempt to produce a hand in which the point value of unmatched cards adds up to ten or less.
It generates revenues by hosting online backgammon, gin rummy and blackjack, as well as staging golf, darts and pool games.
a machine for separating cotton from its seeds.
At the gin , fiber is separated from the seed and cleaned.
a machine for raising and moving heavy weights.
The horse gin was a horse-driven winding machine used to raise coal in tubs or baskets.
a snare for catching game.
She was rescued by the RSPCA after becoming caught in an illegal gin trap .
treat (cotton) in a gin.
The country's largest ginneries were only utilising 24 and 54 per cent of their respective ginning capacity, and only 40 per cent of the seed cotton was ginned into cotton lint.
trap (a person or animal) in a gin.
It is quite easy to make one's own herbal tincture using vodka, gin or some other spirits.
The more adventurous hobbyist can go beyond beer and wine and turn their hands to liqueurs or to spirits like gin .
Use vodka, gin , or any pure alcohol to erase lipstick stains from your collar, or to clean paint or ink stains from your carpet.
France had higher tax rates for spirits which were based on grain, such as whisky, rum, gin , and vodka, than those which were based on wine or fruit, such as cognac, Calvados, and Armagnac.
He'd fixed a strong punch in a globe-like crystal bowl, with all kinds of liquors mixed into it - rum, gin , whiskey, vodka, juices and what not.
At the beginning of the eighteenth century it was universally believed that rum, gin , and brandy were nutritious and healthful.
They could choose from vodka, gin , rum, bourbon, scotch or tequila.
A table at the bottom compared the calorie content of 100 ml of beer with the same amount of gin , rum, whisky, cognac and wine.
South Africa says the cotton processed in this gin is some of the finest on the African continent.
Roller gins vied with saw gins for the fuzzy-seed market into the 1820s and remained the preferred gin for long-staple cotton.