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gigantic / гигантский, исполинский, громадный
имя прилагательное
giant, gigantic, huge, mammoth, jumbo, gargantuan
gigantic, giant, monstrous, monster, gigantesque, Herculean
enormous, huge, vast, great, tremendous, gigantic
имя прилагательное
of very great size or extent; huge or enormous.
a gigantic concrete tower
His emblematic white mullet and gigantic cigar are reassuringly in place.
The lake acts as a gigantic solar panel, and a ring of mountains retains the heat.
Animation is a genre that has taken gigantic strides in creativity and in the use of technology.
Most of those wars would not be possible without the diligent efforts of the West's gigantic arms trade.
He suddenly tenses up as he tells me this gigantic bus has just cut them off.
The hunt for a house has been a gigantic part of my life for the last year so I'm bound to feel as if there's something missing.
No ugly gigantic ramps will be needed to drive up to bus station level.
What started as a small bonfire has grown to the size of a gigantic tip.
Yet the gigantic profits of the big banks would seem to suggest otherwise.
A gigantic greenhouse is now a ruined heap - a victim of the weekend's heavy snowfall.