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gig / кабриолет, двуколка, гичка
имя существительное
cabriolet, gig, buggy
gig, cart
gig, galley
ловить рыбу острогой
бить острогой
spear, leister, gig
имя существительное
a light two-wheeled carriage pulled by one horse.
During the war we had a gig with a cart horse and used to bowl along around the north-west end of town - great transport when petrol was rationed.
a light, fast, narrow boat adapted for rowing or sailing.
The new gig should be out of the builders by April next year, giving plenty of time to think of a name.
a live performance by or engagement for a musician or group playing popular or jazz music.
Imagine being a successful Jazz musician playing gigs on the road, performing in the Big Apple's coolest clubs and even under the stage lights of Broadway.
a harpoonlike device used for catching fish or frogs.
travel in a gig.
perform a gig or gigs.
That, my friends, could be the album's only fatal flaw - they've been gigging solidly with these songs, and when the album's released they'll be gigging with them again.
catch fish or frogs using a gig.
I'd venture into London, and my dad would take me to a rock gig or a jazz gig .
Aside from the usual babysitting gig , there are other ways to rake in the bucks you need to buy a new computer.
he secured his first gig as an NFL coach
Volunteering helped him secure his first paying gig as an assistant director of business and legal affairs.
A music-making course at Wiltshire Music Centre gave youngsters the chance to perform a live gig .
A gig is a gig if it's in front of 60 people or 6,000 people.
I was actually working, doing a bizarre street-performance gig in Memphis.
working on the sea and spotting whales seemed like a great gig
This is a unique gig and tickets will no doubt sell out fast.
I just started the biggest freelance gig of my life, hopefully I'll get to say something about it soon as one part should launch next week.