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gibraltar / Гибралтар
имя существительное
Gibraltar, Rock
имя существительное
a British overseas territory near the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula, at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar; population 28,800 (est. 2009). Occupying a site of great strategic importance, Gibraltar consists of a fortified town and a military base at the foot of a rocky headland called the Rock of Gibraltar . Britain captured it during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1704 and is responsible for its defense, external affairs, and internal security.
Ministers have promised any deal would be subject to a referendum of Gibraltarians , something Spain is said to object to.
However, the two governments were still far from agreeing the details of any deal that would be put to the Gibraltarians .
During the Second World War, many Gibraltarians were evacuated to Northern Ireland and that means many were also born there.
In November the Gibraltarian authorities called for help to recover the body of a Spanish diver.
Then in March 1993 the entire portfolio was sold by the administrative receiver to a Gibraltarian company for £2,562,000.