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gibberish / тарабарщина, неграмотная речь, невнятная речь
имя существительное
gibberish, lingo, jargon, jabber
неграмотная речь
невнятная речь
gibberish, indistinct speech, splutter
имя существительное
unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense.
he talks gibberish
How much longer have we got to endure glib stupidity and bluster passing as ‘moral clarity’ or some such gibberish ?
It was just none of them wanted to be around the parents and their nonsense gibberish .
The ending really is one where you stare at the TV for about 5 minutes after its over and mutter gibberish .
Given the choice of English or gibberish , financial firms choose to spout utter nonsense!
If you've not read the books and this sounds like gibberish , don't worry.
I think that I've been talking gibberish for approximately the past twelve hours.
he talks gibberish
At first the monkeys were intrigued with the computers and typed all sorts of stuff, even though it was meaningless gibberish .
Thus the actual idea behind what they were doing was lost and what remained was mindless gibberish in an alien language.
Who speaks the most gibberish , the worst jargon, the most twisted English and the biggest pile of gobbledegook?