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giant / гигант, великан, исполин
имя существительное
giant, Goliath, Patagonian
giant, titan
имя прилагательное
giant, gigantic, huge, mammoth, jumbo, gargantuan
enormous, huge, vast, great, tremendous, giant
gigantic, giant, monstrous, monster, gigantesque, Herculean
имя прилагательное
of very great size or force; gigantic.
giant multinational corporations
имя существительное
an imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size.
Along the north-west coast of Britain, megalithic sites were commonly associated with mythical giants or were giants turned to stone.
a star of relatively great size and luminosity compared to ordinary stars of the main sequence, and 10–100 times the diameter of the sun.
The new Arae Neptune shares the star with two Jovian giants discovered by Butler and company in 2001.
Whatever he was called, there was no doubt that this lightly-built hockey genius was a giant among players.
On his arrival at the city hall the crowd swamped him, making it difficult for him to get out of the car, but by virtue of his size the giant fighter made his way to the mayor's reception area.
Matt and Dom took to pillow fighting immediately, positively surprised at the giant size of the pillows that were put on the couches.
Dawson, who died in 1970, was once hailed as a giant among historians and philosophers of history, but is almost forgotten today.
He may now be a giant among contemporary composers, but it is a minor miracle that he survived the tumult of central European history.
The legal world has lost a true intellectual giant .
The giant wall sized poster of one outside the museum got my attention, and I finally started to realize what was going on.
The workers are showing their determination to force the giant transport firm to give them a decent rise.
He is a true giant among chefs, coming over as a genuinely inspirational figure, and to see him in action in his kitchen is pure joy.
Thinking quickly, I bent down and threw him upwards as he flipped right onto the pool table and crashed, the entire bar shaking with a giant force.