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ghost / призрак, привидение, дух
имя существительное
ghost, specter, phantom, apparition, wraith, spook
ghost, apparition, specter, spook, spirit, bogey
spirit, mind, ghost, soul, wind, esprit
бродить как привидение
appear, come, arise, report, occur, ghost
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, ghost
имя существительное
an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.
the building is haunted by the ghost of a monk
act as ghostwriter of (a work).
his memoirs were smoothly ghosted by a journalist
glide smoothly and effortlessly.
they ghosted up the river
However, he said he has spoken to a blonde ghost , who he believes is called Lindsey, on many occasions.
There was the ghost of a slipstream behind me before the searing, slashing sting of the cane bit deeply into my flesh and the wave of pain spread throughout me like frozen meat instantly defrosting.
He allowed the ghost of a smile to touch his lips.
Hardly a day goes by without a snippet to evoke the ghost of negative equity that followed the 1990s crash.
Now, though, insurers find they are increasingly paying out for teenagers crashing expensive vehicles that they would not normally have the ghost of a chance of obtaining cover for.
What I saw in Jimmy John's hot dog stand was the ghost of an America I used to know - a land of little guys looking for a place to build something.
She ran a hand through her hair carefully, a slight ghost of a smile fluttering across her lips.
A ghost of a touch sets flesh to quiver, mind to glaze over, and a gaze to follow it until it slows to a halt.
I can still feel the ghost of her touch on my chin.
The man has maybe the ghost of a smile forming, he is a bit tired looking, dirty from hard work, but doesn't look beaten down.