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ghastly / ужасный, страшный, призрачный
имя прилагательное
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, ghastly
terrible, fearful, horrible, frightful, frightening, ghastly
illusory, ghostly, illusive, phantom, shadowy, ghastly
terribly, awfully, horribly, ghastly, dreadfully, frightfully
horribly, dreadfully, frightfully, fearfully, ghastly, formidably
extremely, highly, exceedingly, enormously, particularly, ghastly
имя прилагательное
causing great horror or fear; frightful or macabre.
she was overcome with horror at the ghastly spectacle
extremely unwell.
he always felt ghastly first thing in the morning
Her lips were shrivelled and pale, her skin a ghastly white.
His eyes were a bright red, and his skin was ghastly pale.
He is fixed on this ghastly image, this odd aesthetic object.
She is confined to her bed with ghastly old-fashioned furniture and state-supermarket fare.
Rose expected the smell to be ghastly and terrible, but it wasn't.
When I started to take photographs they were all ghastly , except by accident.
India has had plenty of ghastly crimes, but this was arguably the worst of the lot.
Transfixed, discomforted, we can't turn away from the spectacle as it lurches into even more ghastly territory.
Soon, however, the ghastly spectacle was to erupt on the streets itself.
Her skin had a ghastly gray pallor, with dark smudges of sleeplessness under her eyes.