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geyser / гейзер, газовая колонка для воды
имя существительное
газовая колонка для воды
имя существительное
a hot spring in which water intermittently boils, sending a tall column of water and steam into the air.
Precious metals are commonly precipitated with the siliceous sinters that form around hot springs and geysers .
a gas-fired water heater through which water flows as it is rapidly heated.
People who want to have a well-equipped bathroom can look for instant geysers and water heaters, designer taps and other bathroom needs here.
(especially of water or steam) gush or burst out with great force.
yellow smoke geysered upward
the pipe sent up a geyser of sewer water into the street
A geyser of lava spouted between them and Seth attacked, charging through the lava like it was water, an unstoppable locomotive of power.
the pipe sent up a geyser of sewer water into the street
His head was turned into atoms, and another geyser of a black liquid came from it's neck.
At times, the spring flows continuously; at other times it acts as a small geyser issuing a jet up to 70 cm in the air.
Poke the top with a fork, and a geyser of steam rises up.
The car threw on its breaks and screeched against the pavement before ramming into a red fire hydrant, making a geyser of water spray into the air.
This second album erupts like a geyser of molten lava from your speakers.
A maintenance brigade is repairing the rig, a geyser of steam and water shooting up into the air as they pull sections of pipe out of the ground.
There you are, looking 1,800 feet down, as the Atlantic Ocean slams into a sheer wall of rock, and the wind coming off the sea shoots a geyser of water straight up across the face of these rocks.