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getaway / бегство, побег
имя существительное
escape, flight, getaway, stampede, evasion, bolt
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, getaway
имя существительное
an escape or quick departure, especially after committing a crime.
the thugs made their getaway
a vacation.
a perfect family getaway
Although we had an active vacation, Seattle's laid-back pace gave us a relaxing and affordable getaway .
My getaway car was right there, covered with frost, across the street.
A hero policeman caught the driver of a stolen getaway car by clinging to its door as it sped away.
The getaway van has not yet turned up.
a weekend getaway
But there's still no place else quite like this tropical getaway , nestled at the southernmost tip of the continental United States.
As far back as the 1920s, it was an easy getaway for Hollywood types looking for a little privacy; and this golden era lives on at select spots.
While Shramore Lodge will appeal to those in the market for a hushed getaway , it's probably too far from a city to interest many holiday home-hunters.
Although he escaped in a getaway car, he was pursued by police.
The great Bank Holiday getaway started last night with millions caught up in chaos on the road and rail networks.