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gesture / жест, телодвижение, мимика
имя существительное
gesture, sign, movement, motion
gesture, movement, motion
gesture, business, biz
gesticulate, gesture
имя существительное
a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.
Alex made a gesture of apology
make a gesture.
she gestured meaningfully with the pistol
She took it out and pointed it at him and curled it to gesture him to come towards her.
Most of the time, it will merely be a gesture of principle, with no practical effect.
To be frank, this was the most heartening gesture of solidarity I heard.
I broke away from Andrew suddenly, in a liberating gesture of defiance.
He leaned forward from the back seat so he could gesture emphatically in front of the gear shift.
This is accompanied by a thumbs-up gesture which is a simple but effective way of getting the children to respond to and interact with the teacher.
As they approached the lower window, Tracy made a gesture to Erin to move to the side away from the window.
He accepted the book and kissed it, using an Eastern gesture of respect toward the givers.
Above all a political gesture and propaganda exercise, the charter had less effect on American isolationists than hoped.
I said this, even using my hands to gesture my sincerity.