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germinate / прорастать, зарождаться, порождать
germinate, sprout, spring, spire, grow out, pullulate
generate, spawn, originate, engender, breed, germinate
(of a seed or spore) begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy.
Breakdown takes place after a period of rest when seeds germinate and seedlings start growing.
One of the ideas was to use empty yoghurt pots to germinate seeds.
They did germinate on synthetic medium, but were inviable when streaked onto solid rich medium.
Seeds of all species have an optimal depth at which they germinate best, depending on soil conditions.
The short stories published by authors in various rags are the hidden store of ideas for the larger and more onerous novels that germinate from them, mostly for the lucrative rewards.
As an expert counsellor you know love has to germinate slowly over a long period.
Dashed segments of the line indicate where viable seeds do not germinate at low temperatures.
Two series of experiments were conducted to determine if meditation on the water used to germinate seeds could affect their germination rate.
Infant botulism occurs when ingested spores germinate and colonize the infant's gastrointestinal tract.
When contaminated seeds are planted, bunt spores germinate in the presence of moisture and infect the wheat seedlings.
But, as Hollywood has often illustrated, the seed of a worthwhile idea does not necessarily germinate into a compelling motion picture.