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germicide / гермицид, бактерицидное средство, бактерицид
имя существительное
бактерицидное средство
bactericide, germicide
имя прилагательное
убивающий бактерии
имя существительное
a substance or other agent that destroys harmful microorganisms; an antiseptic.
Research has not shown an increased resistance of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to hospital germicides and disinfectants.
One type of ultraviolet light, UV-C, has been used as a germicide in health care, food processing and waste treatment for more than 50 years.
When using a chemical germicide to achieve high-level disinfection, an agent registered with and approved by government regulatory bodies should be selected.
Industrialists claimed that although industrial pollution killed fish, it did not contain germs and indeed might act as a germicide and have a positive effect on water.
In 1980, the primary methods for medical device sterilization were ethylene oxide, gamma, electron beam (E-beam), moist heat, dry heat, liquid-chemical germicide , and other gaseous methods.
For more persistent mildew, use mild soap containing a germicide and water.
The air is sucked out of the infected cavity and replaced with ozone, a powerful germicide .
The germicide does not need to be changed after each cleaning if the mop head is not placed back into the germicidal solution after cleaning has begun.
In the 1920s, Australian researchers took a serious look at tea tree and discovered that the oil exhibited up to 13 times more antiseptic activity than carbolic acid, the standard germicide in use at the time.
In fact, there is nothing that you can do with any germicide or any cleansing product to eradicate microorganisms.
This is a chemical germicide with label claims for effectiveness against Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Pseudomonas.