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germane / уместный, подходящий
имя прилагательное
relevant, pertinent, opportune, apt, germane, apposite
suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, germane
имя прилагательное
relevant to a subject under consideration.
that is not germane to our theme
A lot of that's just an assessment of his general medical condition and not necessarily germane to the melanoma itself.
I think they're germane and they help explain what's going on here.
It is germane to consider what observations might actually require, or provide support for, this scenario.
The show reads as a who's who of the contemporary South African art family with germane examples selected from dozens of possibilities.
If that be so, the material contained in the affidavit is material which would be germane to the question whether the Court would or would not adopt that course.
Professor Crout delivered his remarks, which were certainly germane to the subject.
If the health service is to make progress towards such a goal, a number of considerations are germane .
It would have been more germane to ask, How do we know he's not still there?
The concept seems very germane to the original post and is explained succinctly.
A number of determinants were considered germane in the selection of mediation for commercial disputes.