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germ / зародыш, микроб, зачаток
имя существительное
fetus, embryo, germ, nucleus, egg, foetus
microbe, germ
rudiment, germ
давать ростки
push out, germinate, germ, bourgeon, burgeon, spring
develop, evolve, progress, expand, advance, germ
имя существительное
a microorganism, especially one that causes disease.
But since pasteurisation kills not only germs but also useful bacteria, a culture is added to the milk in order to reintroduce all essential bacteria.
a portion of an organism capable of developing into a new one or part of one.
Many multicellular organisms have a germ that is segregated early in the development.
Damage occurs when beetles feed on the seed and destroy the germ , resulting in an uneven stand.
Originally, most ethanol was made through wet-milling, which means the starch is separated from the corn germ and fiber and liquefied by cooking.
Then there is the seed germ which is 45-55% protein, used in confectionery and flour for the health food market, and also in specialised livestock diets.
And the story endures because it contained a germ of truth about politics.
the germ of a brilliant idea
Many multicellular organisms have a germ that is segregated early in the development.
Then the corn is coarsely ground to break the germ loose from other kernel components.
that was the germ of modern democracy
The germ of his falling-out with his beloved Wagner lay in his growing awareness of Wagner's personal ignobility and malevolence.
The question contains a germ of truth, but it misses some essential features of the analysis.