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geothermal / геотермальный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or produced by the internal heat of the earth.
some 70% of Iceland's energy needs are met from geothermal sources
Water as hot as 380°C gushes out of geothermal springs along the spreading centers.
With their geothermal underground springs, Icelanders heat their water for next to nothing.
Hopefully in the near future St Lucia will receive its electrical power from this geothermal source.
Once wet-based ice covered the area, the limited permafrost would have melted as a result of geothermal heating.
There is no way a local authority can say that it cannot grant a building consent for that property because of subsidence or geothermal activity.
On Earth, microbes can derive energy from sources other than the sun, such as chemical and geothermal energy from hydrothermal vents.
High geothermal activity and high heat flow at shallow levels in the crust are most likely due to aqueous fluids.
He was long associated with study of geothermal features and water issues of Yellowstone National Park.
It descends to a considerable depth, where it picks up geothermal heat and dissolves minerals.
At €750,000, this five-bed property is equipped with a geothermal heat pump and solar panels.