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geometric / геометрический
имя прилагательное
geometric, geometrical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to geometry, or according to its methods.
This is a remarkable mathematical theory combining powerful algebraic and geometric methods.
(of a design) characterized by or decorated with regular lines and shapes.
traditional Hopi geometric forms
Methods for precise geometric descriptions, necessary for visualization, were formulated later.
Dr. Just said that the brain could interpret letters either spatially, as geometric shapes, or linguistically, by the names of the letters.
Apollonius used his geometric skills to mathematically develop the epicycle theory which would reach its full importance in the work of Ptolemy.
Thus in a sense all cubics could be solved by the Greeks using geometric methods.
A simple example of numerical integration is estimating the area of a geometric figure by randomly throwing darts at it and counting the hits and misses.
On this magnificent necklace, worn by either a young woman or man, the beadworker has skillfully played with colors and geometric shapes.
My newer ties are splashier, with brightly colored splotches, wildly zigzagging lines, and unusual geometric shapes.
The old gentleman places a rug, decorated with geometric animals, on the ground and invites me to sit.
He also focuses on using geometric algebra to solve problems in graph theory.
The geometric shapes and patterns rendered in pencil, ink and watercolor on graph paper are suggestive of spiritual emblems taken from a variety of religions.