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geographical / географический
имя прилагательное
geographical, geographic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to geography.
There are enough clinics for the geographical area covered by the township, she says.
Our misfortune is that we seem to be in the wrong geographical position for the proposed new parish boundaries.
This is based on the philosophy of Bradford being the geographical centre of the UK.
The Zambesi Valley is one of Africa's major geographical features and prime draws.
The geographical scope may cover the whole of the relevant police area, or any part of it.
It is these which give a country an identity much stronger than that defined by mere geographical boundaries.
Although it is unusual to get three cases in such a small geographical area it is not uncommon to get a string of cases at this time of year.
Political leaders need not only geographical but also ideological constituencies.
One of the interesting geographical features of the Awaroa Bay is the Awaroa Inlet.
Not many records of this genre make it to the charts across such a wide geographical region.
Even the geographical boundary of Europe to the east has been a matter of some debate.