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genuine / подлинный, неподдельный, настоящий
имя прилагательное
authentic, genuine, true, original, honest, actual
genuine, unfeigned, inartificial, unaffected, native
present, real, true, actual, genuine, veritable
имя прилагательное
truly what something is said to be; authentic.
each book is bound in genuine leather
Nothing could prove beyond all possible dispute that the tapes are genuine or fakes.
I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.
they brought genuine democracy to the country
It was a genuine pleasure to hear a master talk so eloquently about his work.
Performed with such brilliance, they aptly recreate genuine folk music of the era.
As Singaporeans viewed the dreadful pictures from the scene of the hotel bombing there was only genuine concern and sympathy.
is the offer genuine?
I am absolutely genuine in my desire to assist if I can.
This record shines because there's a genuine love of its influences driving it along.
He laughed again, but this time it seemed more genuine .