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genuflect / преклонять колени
преклонять колени
kneel, genuflect, kneel down
lower one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect.
she genuflected and crossed herself
You can bet on football and basketball with drug-dealing bookmakers as long as you bow and scrape and genuflect when called onto the commissioner's carpet.
They, of all people, will have creaky joints and damaged knees as they genuflect to the tax-cutting elite in this country.
All too often, gutless reviewers genuflect to ‘major writers’, composing fawning reviews that barely hint at how bad the books are.
The politicians in them wanted to genuflect to democracy, open debate and all the new citizen journalists who seem to wield so much influence these days.
Besides, we're at the museum to genuflect , not discuss.
Carpenter crossed the carpeted floor of the Cathedral's dark interior and stopped only to genuflect wearily, and daub his fingers in the font once more.
Mere mention of the two environmental groups, and the city and provincial officials genuflect .
politicians had to genuflect to the far left to advance their careers
Journalists were not the only ones who failed to genuflect before the lessons of history that he worshipped.
If we continue to genuflect to decentralization as a fundamental criterion for running elections, we make it much harder for such reform efforts to achieve true democracy.