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gentry / дворянство, джентри, определенная группа людей
имя существительное
nobility, gentry, knighthood, noblesse, gentlefolk, gentlefolks
определенная группа людей
имя существительное
people of good social position, specifically (in the UK) the class of people next below the nobility in position and birth.
a member of the landed gentry
According to the book Southampton's resurgence was sparked, not by ships, imports and exports, but by Georgian gentry and their love of spas and bathing.
A number of these historians have remarked on the extent to which the very fluidity of the gentry 's social composition promoted its obsession with form.
The landed gentry lost almost all of their power and status in the industrial revolution.
But throughout the early modern period, men from the labouring poor, and women of all ranks below the gentry , were illiterate.
Even America has its aristocracy, the landed gentry that haunt communities like the Hamptons.
Staying here, it's easy to imagine that you have joined a private house party with the landed gentry .
The fair days of the early years were occasions when only the gentry were in a position to buy and sell.
The survival of the old elites extended to the gentry and petty nobility.
a member of the landed gentry
Born to a poor family of Burgundian gentry , he served as a cadet under Condé during the Fronde and was promptly captured.