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gentility / родовитость, аристократические замашки, претензия на элегантность
имя существительное
gentility, blood
аристократические замашки
претензия на элегантность
имя существительное
social superiority as demonstrated by genteel manners, behavior, or appearances.
her grandmother's pretensions to gentility
Clerks were continually chided for carrying themselves with a pretence of gentility in their dress, but clerks had little choice in the matter.
Once he became rich, he bought a huge house and created this appearance of gentility and breeding in his daughters.
Pink roses symbolize grace and gentility in modern rose vocabulary.
her grandmother's pretensions to gentility
While literacy is associated with inherent gentility in a colonial space where social standards are in flux, literacy does not have the same currency for the governess back home in Britain.
With independence approaching, the small community was gripped by a wave of hedonistic debauchery that undermined its pretence at prim parasol-and-petticoat gentility .
Individuals can learn to act politely, but they cannot become genteel unless their gentility is publicly acknowledged by persons who are themselves genteel.
Doing so, she challenges conceptions of gender, race, gentility , and commodity culture that were already in flux after the war.
Increasingly a biological definition of gentility was being challenged and surpassed by a cultural one, which allowed an expanding middling order access, through an appropriate use of their wealth, to social kudos.
How reassuring it is, to know that our governing party staffs its conferences with persons of such gentility , good sense, and tact.