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genre / жанр, стиль, литературный жанр
имя существительное
style, fashion, manner, tone, language, genre
литературный жанр
имя прилагательное
genre, scenic, scenical
имя существительное
a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
He was a pioneer in various genres including satire, literary criticism, and drama.
I suspect that more modern audiences accustomed to the literary fantasy genre would be more accepting.
By the late '80s I'd dare say that the whole slasher film genre had pretty much burned itself out.
the spy thriller is a very masculine genre
the thriller genre
Although my undoubted favourite music genre is punk, I do also have a country streak.
genre scenes
Now a major new documentary explores how the genre has developed over the years.
a musical genre
the science fiction genre
I will also write about the genre of the literature involved and how we understand it.