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genotype / генотип
имя существительное
имя существительное
the genetic constitution of an individual organism.
What evidence to you have that the genotype of such organisms has not evolved?
investigate the genetic constitution of (an individual organism).
the person appointed will be responsible for maintaining and genotyping many different lines of zebra fish
What evidence to you have that the genotype of such organisms has not evolved?
These strains offer the genetic reproducibility that is so valuable in lab mice, but with a wider variety of genotypes and phenotypes.
All other plants from crosses involving a resistant mutant line were genotyped .
This analysis was preceded by genotyping the main ancestors of the southern soybean gene pool for the flanking markers.
We focus primarily on calculation of the likelihood, which is equal to the probability of the genotypic data under the assumed model.
The lines are for when the cost of genotyping a single marker is expressed in the units of the cost of rearing.
Specific genotypic mutations in the protease gene can result in high levels of phenotype resistance to individual protease inhibitors and cross resistance.
Elite athletes fine-tune these variables so minute genotypic differences can be decisive.
Population sample pairwise comparisons were performed to test for genic and genotypic differentiation across loci.
To determine the haplotypes of an individual, the genotypes of both parents may be required.