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genome / геном
имя существительное
имя существительное
the haploid set of chromosomes in a gamete or microorganism, or in each cell of a multicellular organism.
The two haploid genomes of the two gametes are then combined to constitute a new individual.
There are four types of changes that may affect the order of the genes on the bacterial genome .
The process is repeated using every gene within every genome as the starting gene.
This number can be compared with the 40,000 genes thought to be present in the human genome .
Throughout this article we assume no heteroplasmy of organelle genomes in gametes.
Almost nothing is known about the evolution and the genomic impact of fish retroelements.
The genomes of mammals include genes that have been duplicated throughout evolutionary history.
Each primer pair was designed to span introns within the genomic sequence of each gene.
The genomic DNA from all cases is mixed together in a pool and that of controls is mixed in the other pool.
While HIV is good at adding genes to cells' genomes , it does not target lung epithelial cells.
A DNA sequence is amplified from genomic DNA or cDNA using a high fidelity polymerase.