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genetics / генетика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.
I take this to be an invitation to actively study genetics , atmospheric sciences and geology and so on.
In the first half of the twentieth century, Darwinian evolution and Mendelian genetics were not popular subjects in France.
The intervening years had seen advances in the study of pure biology at the microscopic level in parallel with advances in genetics .
the effects of family genetics on the choice of career
We calculate several statistics that characterize the genetics of adaptation.
The study of genetics confirms that we are all extremely closely related biologically.
Thus, it is perplexing that this type of work has been ignored in quantitative genetics .
Multivariate models are of great importance in applied, evolutionary, and theoretical quantitative genetics .
Structural alterations of DNA, such as deletions, produce valuable null mutations for plant genetics .
He is currently working with colleagues on the neuropsychology and the genetics of mathematical abilities.
To understand further the genetics underlying pulmonary function, we analyzed data from 264 individuals from 26 pedigrees.