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genetic / генетический
имя прилагательное
genetic, genetical
имя прилагательное
of or relating to genes or heredity.
all the cells in the body contain the same genetic information
of or relating to origin; arising from a common origin.
the genetic relations between languages
As a first step, a single gene deletion would be advantageous for reverse genetic analysis.
They also used a cell culture model and performed genetic analysis in human patients.
This enables scientists to test DNA in embryos before they are implanted for genetic abnormalities.
Although we are a reflection of our genetic inheritance, we are more than our genes.
There is a report of some recent genetic research at Gene Expression which seems to me to be overinterpreted.
In this case the child needs both copies of a particular gene to develop the genetic condition.
A genetic relationship between the volcanic units of the Grensen Nose area and tectonics has not been suggested here.
This one explores genetic science, in particular the ethics of selecting genes for our children.
We're stuck with our genes and our genetic make-up constrains how we react to the world.
Dogs having or producing pups which have genetic eye abnormalities should not be bred.