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generator / генератор, производитель, источник энергии
имя существительное
generator, alternator, dynamo, producer
manufacturer, producer, generator, fabricator, sire, breeder
источник энергии
generator, prime mover
имя прилагательное
generator, producer
имя существительное
a thing that generates something, in particular.
We'll work on gravity generators ; couple those with brainwave interfaces, and everyone will be able to move things and build things just by thinking about it.
My approach toward testing this environment was to write an e-mail generator program in C which I called GenerateMail.
This was one of several units to be equipped with a steam generator for passenger service.
Connect that flywheel to an electric generator and electricity will flow until the wheel grinds to a halt.
Due to potential noise and safety concerns a steam generator would also more likely be separated from living space.
If you plan to power a few lights, your refrigerator and a furnace, a less expensive portable generator may provide enough power.
Projects are simple to add, and an included report generator will show you what you need to do come billing time.
a report generator
He used native timber from the forest, then installed solar-heated rainwater tanks, a picture window and a petrol powered generator .
Water is fed from a small onboard tank through a heat exchanger, where it picks up waste heat on its way into the steam generator .
The pumps in the condensate system turned off for unknown reasons, leading to a trip, or shutoff, of the turbine and the pumps that fed water back into the steam generator .