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generative / генеративный, порождающий, производительный
имя прилагательное
generating, generative, bearing, originative, procreant
productive, generative, producive, efficacious, procreant
имя прилагательное
relating to or capable of production or reproduction.
the generative power of the life force
The degree of generative polyploidy is indicated using the letter ‘x’.
Each haploid cell undergoes a mitotic division to produce the generative and vegetative nuclei.
In the silky upper layer the epiphytic organisms are most often attached to the generative and skeletal hyphae that make up this layer.
The consistent elements of the generative conception are that form is reproduced consistently.
The whole question is fascinating, because generative linguists have not tended to be interested in this question.
Functionalism as a linguistic approach is different from generative and cognitive approaches in that it makes no claim as to the cognitive reality of the mechanisms it proposes - that matter is irrelevant to its usefulness.
During this period, he became a leading figure in US linguistics, replacing a mechanistic and behaviouristic view of language with a mentalistic and generative approach.
One of them is generative learning, in which people produce words from cues instead of passively reading them.
For conservationists, the concept of biodiversity encapsulates a vision of orderly flows, in which the generative capacity of the environment functions productively.
In this case, I suspect that the explanation has more to do the psychological complexities of real-time composition than with the logic of grammar, generative or otherwise.