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generation / поколение, генерация, образование
имя существительное
generation, breed, age, descent, remove
education, formation, forming, generation, schooling, background
имя существительное
all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.
one of his generation's finest songwriters
the production of something.
methods of electricity generation
Much energy will be spent making energy, such as electricity generation and the process of liquefying natural gas.
the next generation
it's the first time for a generation
Has the Minister received any advice recently about Government planning for more electricity generation ?
In the longer term, it says that there is an available resource from renewables to account for half of the UK's electricity generation .
I can't understand why you would question me about whether this is really for electricity generation .
Some statistics about the regions illustrate just how big a challenge Ireland faces in the race to develop the next generation of medicines.
I think a lot of the folks that I worked with at NASA were from the generation that grew up at that period of time.
The Fire and Heat Materials Research Team is developing the next generation of high-performance, flame-retardant technical yarns.
So much of what has been written to date comes from an older generation that have not grown up in a digital universe, or whose exposure has been limited.