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generally / в целом, вообще, обычно
в целом
generally, on the whole, altogether, in total, in its entirety, all in all
in general, generally, at all, any, always, as a general rule
usually, generally, commonly, ordinarily, mostly, as a rule
in most cases; usually.
the term of a lease is generally 99 years
in general terms; without regard to particulars or exceptions.
a decade when France was moving generally to the left
the best scheme is generally reckoned to be the Canadian one
So I ate it, and raved about it, and got it all over my keyboard, and was generally happy.
Over a normal seven-day week it generally receives up to five million customers.
The extraction of teeth is a commonly performed and generally safe procedure.
generally speaking, things have been getting better
They were slipping around on the cobble-stones and generally looking wretched.
Now, it is generally accepted that the actions of the government at that time were wrong.
His hearing, vision and mobility are normal and he is generally healthy and not on any medication.
There is, generally speaking, no single piece of information in a signal or structure.
the best scheme is generally reckoned to be the Canadian one
Nor, generally speaking, will the customer's bank be in breach of its duty of performance.