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generalize / обобщать, распространять, делать общие выводы
[ˈdʒen.ə r.ə.laɪz]
generalize, colligate
distribute, spread, disseminate, extend, propagate, generalize
делать общие выводы
make general or broad statement by inferring from specific cases.
it is not easy to generalize about the poor
make (something) more widespread or common.
attempts to generalize an elite education
it is not easy to generalize about the poor
attempts to generalize an elite education
If you're going to generalize about doctors, maybe you should be a little bit more wary about your sources.
In practice, attempts to generalize research results are unlikely to rest on anything that happens in a single study, including the type of sampling carried out or the type of statistical test used.
Probably the best part of this inconclusive book is the epilogue, which reminds us to be careful of how we generalize about natives as ecologists or balanced dwellers in the land.
However, it is not easy to generalize about the ethnographic research process in such a way as to provide definitive recommendations about research practice.
What is unacceptable, to say the least, is to generalize about the uses and customs of nearly half a billion people who cover close to one sixth of the Earth's surface.
Whether the results will generalize remains to be seen.
They also limit themselves to a very small sample of games from which they mistakenly try to generalize universal principles and properties.
So, that being the case, I don't want to generalize about Americans.