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generalization / обобщение, генерализация, общее правило
[ˌdʒen.ə r.əl.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən]
имя существительное
generalization, generalizing
общее правило
имя существительное
a general statement or concept obtained by inference from specific cases.
he was making sweeping generalizations
Metaphorical indirection gives way to explicit generalization .
such anecdotes cannot be a basis for generalization
The answer is obvious: there is no unified conception but merely a shifting and vague generalization .
The best one can say at the moment, of both countries, is that they defy generalization .
Or, as this film attempts to prove, is that a gross generalization ?
Thus, the transfer of training that was found could not be attributable to generalization on the basis of stimulus similarity.
Readers should note that the low return rate may severely limit the generalization of these findings.
Divergent thinking is when you move outward from specific information to more broadly based generalization .
The predilection to moral generalization is more troublesome.
such anecdotes cannot be a basis for generalization