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generality / всеобщность, большинство, неопределенность
имя существительное
generality, catholicity
most, majority, many, major, generality, better part
uncertainty, ambiguity, indeterminacy, vagueness, suspense, generality
имя существительное
a statement or principle having general rather than specific validity or force.
he confined his remarks to generalities
the majority.
appropriate to the generality of laymen
These provisions, although expressed at a level of great generality , have often been invoked by those who posit the existence of a broad international duty to cooperate or a right to solidarity.
I think it is unfortunate, not particularly with respect to this case, but with respect to the generality of cases, that there is no prosecution appeal available.
Researchers assess self efficacy beliefs by asking individuals to report the level, generality , and strength of their confidence to accomplish a task or succeed in a certain situation.
Although similar parabolic relationships were observed in two other tropical avifaunas, it may be premature to assess the generality of that relationship.
Conciseness is also at a sufficiently high level of generality to provide the flexibility so a right is open to reinterpretation over time from many perspectives.
Acceptance of the generality of a link between social policy and education should not, however, blind us to the effects of particular proposals.
Further research on species with an extensive dietary specialisation should be conducted to test the generality of this finding for lizards.
Much media debate operates at a level of generality where policies are cheered or condemned while their cultural substrate and the practices they spawn remain unexamined.
He went on to say, on the following page, that ‘the right approach is to describe the working of the invention at the level of generality with which it is described in the claim of the patent.’
The difficulty of course is that, where the later contract is intended to supersede the prior contract, it may in the generality of cases simply be useless to try to construe the later contract by reference to the earlier one.