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generalist / эрудит, человек обширных знаний
имя существительное
erudite, polymath, egghead, generalist, polyhistorian, polyhistor
человек обширных знаний
имя существительное
a person competent in several different fields or activities.
with a generalist's education and some specific skills
The problem is not when generalists specialize, but when specialists generalize.
Since they are often generalists whose popularity extends beyond partisan lines, they can have a subtle, almost imperceptible political influence.
For the generalists the lure of assignments in different corners of the world is perhaps the main attraction of their work.
There is much work in organizational ecology investigating the differential life chances of generalists and specialists over time.
These are the analytical tools that judges, who in our system are generalists rather than specialists, bring to the task of adjudicating cases in specialized fields of law.
Two recent molecular studies removed these doubts for several species and show that most of the dominant species were acting as generalists under field conditions.
Bench statements are read in open court to an audience that has no idea what cases (if any) will be released that morning, so they are addressed to generalists .
Few organisms are generalists that can live equally well in different habitats.
I accept that when politicians run departments, they're there as generalists whom specialists report to, but in all other circumstances why should the head guy be the most clueless?
Future research into exactly why generalists and specialists learn differently from these different sources of failure information would be useful.