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general-purpose / универсальный, общего назначения, многоцелевой
имя прилагательное
universal, multipurpose, all-purpose, general-purpose
общего назначения
multipurpose, all-purpose, general-purpose
имя прилагательное
having a range of potential uses; not specialized in function or design.
a general-purpose detergent
He has drawn misleading analogies about how the mind might be like a computer or a general-purpose learning device.
Up to 1884, the Old Bailey was a general-purpose criminal court for London and Middlesex.
Solutions might include expanding into cabins or general-purpose areas to isolate sick campers from their healthy cabin mates.
Almost all programs use general-purpose function libraries that come with compilers.
Look around and you'll find general-purpose buckets as well as buckets made specifically for digging dirt or sand or rock, cleaning ditches, or grading slopes.
More and more, as the house gets closer to being ready to market, I'm having to subordinate my own activities and time to those of a general-purpose gofer.
They make up the profitable majority of the 144 million Americans who have general-purpose credit cards.
In other words, general-purpose technology can be used for general purposes - good and ill.
An appliance is a device that provides a limited, well-defined function as compared to a general-purpose computer that can provide any function.
There are 16 general-purpose dogs, six drug dogs, four dogs trained to sniff out explosives, four to track down firearms and a passive drug dog, which screens people for drugs.