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genealogy / генеалогия, родословная
имя существительное
genealogy, pedigree, stemma, line
pedigree, genealogy, ancestry, lineage, bloodline, line
имя существительное
a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.
combing through the birth records and genealogies
Diligently, he lists the contents of albums, notes chart placings and traces the genealogy of bands.
In January 1998, I started to get interested in genealogy and family history.
His meticulous character suited his outside interests of coin and stamp collecting, chess, genealogy , and Scottish history.
He had a wonderful ability to retain old stories and legends and was a great source of information when it came to local history, folklore and genealogy .
Many return to trace their genealogy but Butler wants to increase this on a permanent basis.
The earliest surviving poems in old Irish are also praise poems, called fursundud, which trace back the genealogy of the kings of Ireland to Golamh or Mile Easpain, whose sons landed in Ireland at the end of the second millennium bce.
Now with the success of the trails organisers they have their eyes on another huge and virtually untapped heritage tourist market - genealogy .
His work on transcribing tombstone inscriptions was highly valued by students of history and genealogy .
Christine has published and lectured extensively on various aspects of Irish history and genealogy .
In ordinary conversation, Maltese do not often refer to family units larger than those descended from a particular grandparent or grandmother unless they are tracing their genealogy .