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gem / драгоценный камень, жемчужина, самоцвет
имя существительное
драгоценный камень
gem, jewel, precious stone, stone
pearl, gem
gem, semiprecious stone
украшать драгоценными камнями
bejewel, gem, jewel
имя существительное
a precious or semiprecious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved.
These ornaments are made in silver, and precious and semi-precious gems are used to embellish them.
decorate with or as with gems.
With the gemmed undergarments being worth a reputed £10,000, to not show them to anybody would be even more pointless than making them in the first place.
ground-effect machine.
Each song on the trio's final disc is a pop gem , but they've all been on previous albums.
Having such a precious gem as the Olympics hanging around gives a fulcrum to the leverage of dissent.
The clubhouse in the mountains is a little gem of rustic Spanish charm, with great food and friendly staff ready to ply you with refreshing copas of champagne and plates of Serrano ham after your labours.
this architectural gem of a palace
The school was bought by the parish council for use by the people - not because it was considered an architectural gem , or for sentimental reasons.
One of the commentators (I wish I knew his name) offered a gem that went something like this.
With over 400 miles of ground to cover, you'll have time to stop at all of the special places that make this byway such a gem .
It's a little gem of the recent morphometric literature.
The throne sat in the center, a large, cushioned armchair studded with many a precious and semi-precious gem .
They reflect and refract the light, giving the depth and luminosity of a precious gem .