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gelding / мерин, кастрат, кастрирование
имя существительное
castrate, gelding, spado
emasculation, gelding
имя существительное
a castrated animal, especially a male horse.
A larger space is needed between stallions and other pastures used by geldings and other horses.
castrate (a male animal).
Mules and hinnies are virtually always sterile, but male mules should be gelded to keep them tractable.
A full field of two-year-old colts and geldings are entered for the 1 1/16-mile $100,000 Bourbon County Stakes on the turf on Friday.
His horse was one of the geldings he had noticed during his previous inspection of the barn.
A record 40 juvenile colts and geldings purchased from sales from around the world have been cataloged for the event that will be conducted by Keeneland Association.
Although ranch-broke geldings are the highlight of the sale, we also offer yearlings, weanlings and a select number of started two year olds.
Of these, 33 were geldings , 1 was a stallion and the remainder were mares or fillies.
I have two Quarter Horse geldings , one age 22, by his papers, and the other is about the same age, give or take a year or two.
The study group of horses was comprised of 8 horses, four Thoroughbreds and four Warmbloods, of which five were geldings and three were mares.
Interestingly, arginine-induced insulin release occurred more consistently in mares than in geldings and stallions.
The card is highlighted by a pair of stakes of $75,000 stakes for older fillies and mares and for older colts and geldings .
After all the mares and geldings were fixed, they headed to the show.