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geezer / старикашка, человек со странностями, чудной старикашка
имя существительное
geezer, dodderer
человек со странностями
geezer, flake
чудной старикашка
имя существительное
an old man.
Where Jim was a lean, flexible, athletic type, this old man before me was an enormous old geezer who would've had the good sense to glue his fat lips shut every morning.
‘Be thankful that old geezer has a soft heart,’ he snarls.
No way am I hauling some old geezer 's new dresser when I've got some serious celebrating to do.
And the attendant was a thin greying geezer , way past retirement.
I guess you could consider me a dull old geezer who is not yet 65, but over 55 and who is still not accustomed to doing nothing for a living.
Now fast-forward to what next season could be: the saga of an 39-year-old geezer who hasn't seen game action in three years.
He can be pretty cool sometimes, but mostly, he's a stuckup old geezer .
Maybe it was the seating; maybe this geezer 's senses are overwhelmed by having to watch a picture show that only a hummingbird could comprehend.
So here I sit under a canopy hoping and praying that the next old geezer to step up has a heart attack before he can finish the match.
They fool everyone into believing they're all powerful, but then you get up close and peel back the curtain, and it's just some old geezer with a few levers sticking out of the control panel.
Three go-go dancers out racing their cars in the desert learn about a half-mad old geezer 's legendary stash of money, and try to steal it.