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gee / лошадка, кусок, штука
имя существительное
hobbyhorse, hobby, gee, gee-gee
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, gee
thing, piece, stunt, doodah, gee, hickey
имя существительное
a thousand dollars.
we paid five gees
command (a horse) to go faster.
a mild expression, typically of surprise, enthusiasm, or sympathy.
Gee, Linda looks great at fifty!
a command to a horse to go faster.
The goalkeeping union are a tight bunch and he hid his personal agony to gee up his nervous replacement.
I mean, gee , there were a lot of man-hours spent doing that gig, so the least I can say is, ‘Thank you very much.’
And I always thought, gee , daddy, look what I'm doing.
And in my youthful naivete I thought, gee , they like it.
I thought it was great in a way because I thought, gee , maybe we can get some sympathy for the press going finally.
And for a lot of people, they say, ‘You know, gee , I get tired of this.’
I agree that there should be a state-by-state analysis of this, and so one can in fact say, gee , do you approve of a particular wording of a constitutional amendment?
All your friends are gift-shopping, party-hopping, trimming the tree and - gee !
You know, your wife may ask, gee , what kind of an example does it set when this happens and everybody in the publishing industry will wring their hands, but unfortunately I think it will happen.
I know I'm really a television talker, but gee , twice in my lifetime, somebody's offered me a record situation and I grabbed it and I'm so happy I did.
No doubt words such as these will be used to gee up the champions as they attempt to eliminate complacent thoughts over the next fraught few days.