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gearshift / переключение передач, коробка передач
имя существительное
переключение передач
gear shift
коробка передач
transmission, gearbox, gear shift
имя существительное
a device used to engage or disengage gears in a transmission or similar mechanism.
For the car to start, you must place your foot on the clutch and, naturally, have your hand brake engaged and the gearshift in neutral.
The team also finalized a system which enables them to switch to a manual gearshift in the event of a loss of semi-automatic transmission.
My usual driving posture included one arm stretched almost lazily out to the wheel, the other resting on the gearshift .
Then he leaned over the gearshift and kissed me.
It has added an aluminium gearshift , handbrake handle and pedal pads, three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shift, and floor mats.
During a high-speed chase on a flat surface, it is imperative to work that gearshift hard and often - even with an automatic transmission.
Most automatic transmission cars will have an overdrive button right on the gearshift .
The seats, steering wheel and gearshift are wrapped in leather and the instrument cluster is illuminated in purple.
His hands tightened on the steering wheel and gearshift as he waited for the drop of the hand.
As usual, I pulled the van in front of the aircraft, shifted the gearshift to park, engaged the parking brake, grabbed my tools, and exited the van.
He/she can ‘play’ with the gearshift or release the parking brake.