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gearing / зацепление, зубчатая передача, привод
имя существительное
engagement, gearing, mesh
зубчатая передача
gear, gearing, train, wheelwork
drive, driving, gear, transmission, gearing, homing
имя существительное
the set or arrangement of gears in a machine.
the mill's internal waterwheel and gearing survive
design or adjust the gears in (a machine) to give a specified speed or power output.
it's geared too high for serious off-road use
The use of a two-speed transmission, special gearing , and belt drive enables the hand to easily open and close.
The first mode, or input-split is used only at launch and low speeds, so the initial gearing in the transmission can be smaller.
the mill's internal waterwheel and gearing survive
However the company could do with shedding a few extra pounds of debt, as its gearing is a hefty 310%.
Wow, that's some return - and all thanks to the gearing (the magnifying effect) of borrowing money to buy an asset!
He says cheap borrowing and the regular revenues from rental has helped keep debt gearing well within limits.
But the banks which have done well are those with a gearing towards the fixed income [or bonds] market.
At the moment the company owes £30b, giving it a gearing of 100%.
And there will also be other jobs to do from time to time, like changing brake pads, fitting a new chain, changing sprockets to alter your gearing .
The average gearing ratio for the last 20 years is 46 per cent.