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gazetteer / географический справочник, журналист
имя существительное
географический справочник
journalist, columnist, newspaperman, newsman, publicist, gazetteer
имя существительное
a geographical index or dictionary.
Travel accounts, gazetteers , and geographies were abundant, but few could claim literary merit or accurate information.
A digital gazetteer will provide access by specific geographic citations.
This delightful volume also includes a valuable gazetteer (complete with coordinates) and a passionate conservation section.
Many interesting sights are mentioned, but in many cases only incomplete directions are given for finding them: the book is more a guide than a gazetteer .
A gazetteer published in 1819 described the museum as: neatly arranged and handsomely filled with several thousand articles, such as paintings, waxwork, natural and artificial curiosities.
Sandwiched between a brief but useful introduction and conclusion, the bulk of its pages are in effect a gazetteer of churches and other ecclesiastical buildings in the six Border Marches (from east to west, Scottish and English in turn).
The authors have tracked down with immense care as many missions as possible, each recorded in a valuable gazetteer at the end of the book.
A reader interested in this aspect would at least have the gazetteer to fall back on as a reference.
History is, for him, a gazetteer for the present and a guidebook for the future.
This vast atlas is something different: a gazetteer of all that is most inventive, inspiring and humane in the architecture of the past five years.
a gazetteer of place names of the Aegean